Keep products flying off the shelf

How 360-views optimize product management

Retailers never lose sight of the important metrics and opportunities for growth with 360-views for products and categories.


“How is Product X performing?”

Knowing this answer for every stock keeping unit (SKU) was key to this retailer’s success. However, the answer often required wasted hours of data gathering, analysis, and report creation.

Thousands of users were searching through millions of documents for answers on their product strategy – this led to crucial information being missed, key metrics not always tracked, and product decisions made with incomplete information.

Facing constant global competition and a need for larger margins, this retailer and its 1,000 product-focused employees needed a way to make smarter business decisions faster.


Mindbreeze Insight App:

  • Integrated into existing product management systems
  • Search results personalized based on the searcher’s role
  • Zero-Term Content proactively shared

Mindbreeze 360-Views:

  • Dashboard with live reports about products and product categories
  • Interactive product diagrams with component data
  • Consolidated data from over 150 data sources

Data Sources:

  • Intranet/Internal File System
  • Point of Sale (POS) or Sales System
  • Market Research


  • Increased revenue – 10%+ due to improved distribution strategy, sales targeting, and available customer insights
  • Larger margins

When Mindbreeze was made available, real data was driving product management decisions. Now, employees are efficiently searching the corporate knowledge database across departments.

By integrating the search into SharePoint and linking it to other data sources, staff can now search through all data sources and quickly find the information they need without switching applications.


Mindbreeze InSpire Client in Retail