Mindbreeze InSpire in the aviation industry
Efficient knowledge management in the aircraft maintenance sector

As one of the world’s leading companies in the aviation industry, the ability to access and evaluate relevant information efficiently, even for ad hoc queries, is crucial to the business.
Tailor-made and state-of-the-art processes are necessary to ensure the reliability and availability of the company’s own aircraft and those of its customers.

In addition, seamless cooperation between experts from the various departments, business areas, and locations is imperative.


Both structured and unstructured information relating to aircraft components is stored across hundreds of different applications. Yet regardless of where the data is stored, it should be possible to filter out the relevant information from documents such as inventory lists, logistics information, and maintenance plans. 

The heterogeneity of the applications used by the company and their individual archive systems complicate the day-to-day work, especially in the segment of aircraft maintenance. In order to provide accurate answers to questions such as “What do we know about a specific aircraft component,” the company began looking for an intelligent solution.


By implementing Mindbreeze InSpire, the company can now access information from corporate-wide internal data sources as well as from connected cloud applications.

The access rights for each query are always observed. A comprehensive semantics pipeline ensures that the content is understandable. This provides the user with a consolidated (360-degree) view of the queried term – for example, “supplier” or “component”. Besides using the application to support its everyday work, the company also uses Mindbreeze InSpire to monitor the market, the competitors, and the business areas.


Following a rigorous test phase during which specialized search applications and solutions were prototyped, the internal IT department began full technical implementation and roll-out together with the Mindbreeze team. The existing data sources were connected using standard connectors.

After the system was successfully implemented in the maintenance division, the company identified its potential to facilitate the day-to-day operations in other departments, such as marketing, accounting, controlling, logistics, and customer service. 
The product is being expanded on an ongoing basis and adapted to the needs of the users.

Target Achievement

Using Mindbreeze InSpire, the relevant information from the connected data sources is made available with a single query. The Interactive Exploded View allows users to access more detailed information relating to the information they find without having to search further, start a new search, or even leave the view. As a result, obtaining further details about sub-areas of the search term, such as drilldown information about a component, a document, or a person, is as easy for the user as a mouseover on the term.

The company is now in a position to properly utilize the existing data and leverage it to generate added value. Employees benefit from speedier access to the information they need.


Interactive Exploded View Screenshot


  • Hundreds of subsidiaries
  • More than 100,000 employees
  • More than 200 data sources
  • Cross-location access to information
  • Special search queries for specific departments
  • Integration into the familiar working environment