Mindbreeze InSpire in the telecommunications industry

Cross-application research tool for efficient information provision

The telecommunications industry has undergone a radical transformation – from providing stable telephone and Internet lines to becoming a full-service provider with a comprehensive range of hardware and IT services. In turn, this has changed the requirements for corporate in-house intranet systems. Providers are now focusing strongly on promoting an active interchange among staff members, as well as on providing information efficiently and preparing and processing it in a personalized format.

As a result, one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers has decided to use Mindbreeze InSpire as its enterprise-wide research tool. This provides employees with easy access to the information they need right when they need it and in accordance with their access rights. The resulting 360-degree overview of internal data streamlines their everyday work and saves time.


Several different (business) applications are in use in the telecommunications company in question. Employees conducting research have to search specialized applications (structured data), internal websites, forums, blogs, portals, and wiki sites (unstructured data).

Every application has its own search function, which provides information in the form of search results from that application only. To obtain results more efficiently (with a single query), Mindbreeze InSpire was implemented as the company’s comprehensive internal search solution.


As an insight engine, Mindbreeze InSpire connects and analyzes the information available from various data sources and makes it available in an index that can be queried. To achieve this, data sources including the intranet, portals, platforms, business applications such as SharePoint or the internal address book were connected to the insight engine via connectors. Mindbreeze InSpire now serves as an information hub for the company-wide provision of information from the various applications.

With a single search query, employees receive the information they need from the connected data sources, presented clearly in personalized dashboards and in line with their access rights.


After an extensive test phase, the group-wide implementation of Mindbreeze InSpire was launched as a cross-application research tool on the company intranet in collaboration with the internal IT department. The broad set of standard connectors facilitated the rapid connection of all required data sources without requiring any additional outlay.

After the initial adjustment of search parameters like tabs and filters, the application continues to be adapted, optimized, and expanded based on user feedback.

Target Achievement

Since the launch of Mindbreeze InSpire, employees receive the information they are looking for about employees, experts, news, training, and continuing education opportunities with a single query, presented in personalized dashboards according to their authorizations. The complete integration of the solution into the in-house social collaboration solution ensures a correspondingly high level of acceptance, since employees can perform their searches directly in the search field of their usual application. In the background, Mindbreeze InSpire retrieves the information from the myriad of different data sources and displays it in a consolidated 360-degree overview. The results are ranked according to the user’s interests. Based on user behavior (interactions), Mindbreeze InSpire calculates the relevance of the results and ensures that each employee is provided with his or her own personal view of the corporate knowledge.

Frequently requested search queries can be created quickly and easily by the users themselves using the Insight App Designer, without requiring any prior programming knowledge. This saves time and money while promoting cooperation across all departments and business locations.


  • Locations in 50 countries
  • Rapid implementation
  • Group-wide internal research tool
  • Over 220,000 searches per day
  • More than 150,000 users
  • Integration of the search in the accustomed application