Head of Informatics of Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria
"Mindbreeze InSpire provides our staff quickly and efficiently with all the information they need. The service center staff is able to respond to requests without delay, as all relevant information is found with only one query. This even further improves the quality of our customer services whilst simultaneously minimizing effort of our staff."

Pioneers In Efficient Information Provision

Chamber of Commerce, Upper Austria

The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKOÖ) is known as a pioneer among the Austrian chambers. For instance, the WKOÖ and the Upper Austrian Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI OÖ) are leaders in using official electronic signatures, as they were among the first organizations in Austria to offer this service. 

Additionally, the Chamber of Commerce offers extensive online services to its approximately 60,000 members. The WIFI OÖ assists about 70,000 participants attending various activities and events in Upper Austria each year. Next to the high-quality customer service, the WKOÖ and the WIFI place great importance on simplifying the daily work of their staff, so that requests can be dealt with quickly and competently. 


Simplify the information search for service center staff and make it more user-friendly. The context of complex issues must be clearly displayed in order to be easily recognized, reducing time in search and the workload of service center staff. The users should be able to seamlessly process search results in the usual applications.


By expanding the scope of Mindbreeze, the service center staff is now able to receive all relevant information at a glance with only one search query. The simple and intuitive user interface eliminates the need for time intensive training.


After the decision to extend the scope of Mindbreeze InSpire in the WKOÖ, the implementation was carried out by the in-house IT department in collaboration with the Mindbreeze team. Over a period of three months (November 2010 to January 2011) the relevant data sources (Microsoft Exchange, file shares, Fabasoft eGov-Suite) were connected to Mindbreeze. This was followed by user tests with several user groups and rounds of feedback. The search results are available immediately. Mindbreeze checks the existing access rights with every search query. The search results can be acted upon in the respective source system, e.g. “send as PDF” to send a document by e-mail as a PDF file attachment. 

Target Achievement

Through step-by-step integration of the relevant data sources into Fabasoft Mindbreeze, the service center staff of the WKOÖ received a simple and efficient tool within a very short time. With only one search query, all information relating to the search term and its respective context is clearly displayed. Service center staff is now able to respond to enquiries even faster and without wasting time on research. 

This has sustainably enhanced the quality of WKOÖ’s services and simultaneously eased the workload for its staff. 


  • 630 users in the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • 630 users in the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Dynamic facets for all available information (range of subjects, author, editor)
  • 12 million objects in Microsoft Exchange Server
  • 3.5 million file sharing documents
  • 36 index services for parallel search results