Medical Cockpit

The Medical Cockpit is Mindbreeze InSpire’s unique solution created with the specific needs of the healthcare sector in mind:

The volume of data and demand for information is steadily growing in the healthcare sector, leaving less and less time for the treatment of patients. This is why efficient document search (via metadata in the hospital information system environment) and simple information querying is becoming increasingly important for doctors and medical staff.

In addition, many patients inform themselves in advance through the Internet and also assume that the doctor is informed in detail about previous illnesses and treatments. Both the pressure and the expectations are enormously high.

This is exactly where Mindbreeze InSpire’s Medical Cockpit comes into play.

Mindbreeze InSpire is ushering in a new era in the clinical and the research environments through semantic analysis and networked searching. With the help of professional research functions, previous comparable cases are scanned in a fraction of a second, and medical correlations are identified. This enables specific patterns in clinical findings, illnesses, and medications to be detected and compared.


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Clear chronological display of all documents

Extraction of diagnoses

Intelligent extraction of diagnoses, drugs, symptoms


Practical filters for specific technical and medical aspects


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Here’s what our Customers say

„Mindbreeze InSpire sifts through millions of different unstructured documents and prepares them as structured information for use in medicine and patient care. This simplifies day-to-day hospital work significantly, and the compilation of this knowledge creates completely new conditions for the care and support of patients while also increasing the quality of treatment.“

Michael Wiltschnigg
Managing Director of Care Solutions

„With Mindbreeze, we now have a company on board that brings IT competence, medical expertise, and the necessary spirit. I was recently in Linz: It was a joy to see the enthusiasm and energy that they put into their work.“

Stephan Holzinger

Medical Controlling

Medical controlling staff constantly face major challenges: Not all medical services are adequately and consistently documented and coded, resulting in financial losses. This necessitates a great deal of effort spent searching and checking unstructured text documents (surgery reports, discharge letters, etc.).


Mindbreeze InSpire’s Medical Cockpit is a solution tailor-made to address this problem:

  • Rapid retrieval of diagnoses and procedures
  • Analysis of relevant documents (OR reports, discharge letters, doctor's letters, etc.)
  • Comparison with service, procedure, and performance catalogs (MEL, ICPM, OPS-301, OPS-2008 and others)
  • Use of expanded diagnosis classification catalogs (ICD10, thesauri)
  • Support via in-house catalogues, synonym list, jargon terms
  • Export to external systems (coding tools, BI systems)

Search in everyday clinical practice

The Medical Cockpit is the ideal companion in daily medical work. On average, doctors have just a few short minutes to prepare for their next patient. Mindbreeze presents a compact overview of even the most voluminous patient histories (“patient summary”) and provides tangible practical support for doctors during their daily work.

Here’s what the Medical Cockpit has to offer:

  • Full-text search in the hospital information system (EPR)
  • Cross-application search (surgery system, nursing documentation, and many others)
  • Simple integration into the basic system (web parts)


Unlike general search engines the Medical Cockpit leads very quickly to the desired information. Among other things, the system provides search tabs and filters for narrowing down the search results. A special highlight is the timeline, which provides a chronological overview of the information

Medical Cockpit2


Science and Quality Management

Data generated during day-to-day medical work lays the foundation for successful quality management and targeted research. The Medical Cockpit provides a global, cross-patient view of relevant information from the entire hospital organization while complying with the special requirements for the protection of personal medical data.


This is made possible through:

  • Cohort search throughout all the unstructured documentation
  • Using a wide range of filters to narrow down patient groups
  • Extracting numerical values from texts (e.g. scores – ASA, Braden)
  • Export function for further processing in statistics programs or BI systems

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