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Generative AI: Where Does it Fit into an Enterprise? - with Dr. Kirk Borne

Episode 3

Published on


14 minutes

We have a very special guest on today’s episode. We talk with Kirk Borne, a top AI influencer since 2013. From his LinkedIn Bio, Kirk is the Founder of the Data Leadership Group (Data Scientist. Top Influencer. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant) and Advisor to DataPrime Inc., but in the episode, you will see his background exceeds much more than this!

Generative AI is making a splash across the news with ChatGPT and other large language models. This episode takes a deep dive into how Generative AI can benefit organizations and be used to generate AI products from rich information assets across the enterprise.

We also discuss Multimodal AI, which utilizes diverse data such as images, texts, video, audio, sensor data, and more. Where does this type of AI fit into an enterprise information ecosystem?

Tune into Episode #3 of the Mindbreeze podcast for insights into timely AI topics explored in ways for individuals of all AI levels to comprehend.


Jeremy Wise

Jeremy Wise

Head of Content North America
Dr. Kirk Borne

Kirk Borne, Ph.D.

Founder, Data Leadership Group (Data Scientist. Top Influencer. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant). Advisor to DataPrime Inc.

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