Information insight for your business

We’ve officially entered the Information Age. Just ten years ago, the amount of data generated globally was roughly 30 exabytes. In the space of only four years, this figure had already mushroomed to ten times its previous level. 
Today, experts estimate that by 2025, the combined volume of data generated, captured, copied, and utilized worldwide will skyrocket past 180 zettabytes.

Three types of data – one goal

Companies face constant pressure to remain competitive, perpetually seeking ways to become better, faster, and more efficient. Which is why it's so important for businesses to understand which information is available in the first place, and then to be able to make it accessible in real time.

From a business perspective, three types of data need to be searched, understood, and analyzed: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. And that needs to happen for all of the relevant information scattered throughout the enterprise.

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