White Paper

AI guidelines for businesses

The areas of application of artificial intelligence are so diverse that it is often difficult to find the right point of departure. After all, AI technologies can be used in virtually all sectors of a company to make processes more efficient or to find new approaches for mastering tasks. In order for AI to be successfully integrated and to achieve the desired success, companies should carefully consider the initial steps.

Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences

The life sciences and big pharma industry have embraced digital transformation and process automation. As companies in this industry enter the digital age, there is an industry-wide push to digitize research and development.

Interacting with conversational engines

Chatbots have been the hottest trend in the field of customer service for a number of years now. Yet studies indicate that when it comes to conventional chatbots and the way artificial intelligence is being applied, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

The many facets of digital transformation

The myriad of new developments that digitalization has spawned in recent years has had a profound impact on companies, industries, and indeed society as a whole. In order to capitalize on these developments and actively shape the transformation process (catchphrase: digital transformation), companies have to adopt a new approach to strategic planning – specifically, the development of a concrete digital strategy.