A Connected Workforce Relies on Connected Data

A Connected Workforce Relies on Connected Data

All departments within a company can benefit from easily accessible data. The ability to interact with information makes the lives of any employee easier and boosts productivity to a whole new level. Whether you are a C-Level executive, an engineer, HR specialist, or mechanic, information sharing has no limits. The benefits one reaps do not discriminate based on role, salary, or title.

Thanks to AI, insight engines provide employees across an enterprise with a full view of company-wide data. Of course, administration teams can ensure certain employees and departments are not connected to everything. For example, if not obvious already, members of your workforce without administration rights won’t be able to search for documents related to payroll and other private matters.

However, by connecting data sources and breaking down data silos, employees can access files that weren’t necessarily created by their team – permitting expert decision-making and completing projects with the most up-to-date intelligence at their disposal.

Perhaps, a sales team is preparing a demo for a client, and they want to get ahead of a potential question during the presentation. Would access to customer support documents be helpful to identify concerns a client may have and the solutions currently being addressed within the company? Maybe there is information in a whitepaper marketing is preparing that would be helpful. This scenario goes the other way too. Perhaps, marketing is preparing a piece based on a use case for which the sales team already has a demo video.

Now, think of the endless possibilities and time saved this creates for larger scale projects that may involve five or more departments.

It may be easy enough to ask a team member for insight in a smaller company with less headcount, but that luxury often does not exist with large enterprises.

A simple query on the topic allows you to view the documents relative to the entity searched and is displayed to the user in the context they need, surrounded by intelligence and powered with advanced analytics.

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