A Mindbreeze Press Release: Making Generative AI a Fit for Secure Enterprise Use

A Mindbreeze Press Release: Making Generative AI a Fit for Secure Enterprise Use

We recently published a press release surrounding the benefits of using Mindbreeze InSpire as the perfect basis for the secure use of Large Language Models in the enterprise.

You can find the full press release on Business Wire or read the highlights from the release below.


About Mindbreeze and Generative AI

Mindbreeze enables customers to leverage innovations in Generative AI for sensitive enterprise data securely. Advanced Large Language Models (LLM) combined with Mindbreeze InSpire provide exceptional customer experiences in natural language processing, text generation, and data security.


Quotes from our CEO and CTO

"Generative AI (GenAI) and tools like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm," explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze. "However, for these technologies to be used professionally in companies, numerous challenges must be addressed – for example, data hallucination, lack of data security, permissions, critical intellectual property issues, expensive training costs, and the technical implementation with confidential company data. Mindbreeze InSpire solves these challenges to form the ideal basis for making Generative AI the best fit for enterprise use."


"What makes Mindbreeze unique in this area is that the models run both in the cloud and on our on-premises appliances. Customers have complete freedom of choice in selecting their LLM and where they want to process their data," explains Jakob Praher, CTO of Mindbreeze. "Our many years of experience with highly scalable processing of huge data sets enables us to deliver customized hardware and software solutions."


Integration and Maximum Flexibility

In contrast to applications such as ChatGPT, whose data origin is usually not traceable, Mindbreeze InSpire uses existing company data as the basis for machine learning to ensure that the data used to train the models always belong to the respective company and do not flow into a public model.

Existing and generated content is always secure, correct, trustworthy, and, above all, traceable. Since the solution references the source in addition to the answer, users can validate the answers at any time if necessary.

Mindbreeze leaves the selection of the preferred LLM to its customers. The Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine is delivered with pre-trained models. Due to the use of Transformer Models and open standards, models from communities such as Huggingface can be easily used.

In addition, Mindbreeze offers customers qualified support in selecting a suitable LLM and the associated use cases.


Want more?

Check out our designated webpage and unlock the full potential of your enterprise data with the interaction of Insight Engines and Large Language Models.