Allowing Information to be Your Greatest Asset

Allowing Information to be Your Greatest Asset

Giving information the ability to work for you is perhaps the best action companies can take heading into the future of work.

But what exactly does that mean and entail?

Information is often treated as a “thing” or a “manual process” that significantly disconnects employees and their working environments.

Information is ongoing and constantly being generated. The cycle of information turning into knowledge resulting in decision and action is a never-ending loop, meaning employees need to be continuously informed. To be frank, that is extremely difficult to achieve without the right technology solution – here enters an insight engine.

With information serving as the foundation for sound decision-making, organizations need to have methods in place to retain it. Without a solution, there is too much to know, and the information is impossible to control. Knowledge is a collection of information and facts that we, as individuals, can recall and then use productively.

When giving employees the tools they need to use information wisely, one must think of the “typical workday” as a journey. When employees get interrupted, they lack knowledge because they miss facts or prominent nuggets of information.

The Process of Retaining and Using Information Can Be Automated

Only so much stored information is helpful to specific employees. With an insight engine, the relevant facts can be pinpointed and extracted for the user. Different entities and their relationships to other topics can also be identified and highlighted for the user on personalized dashboards. Automation ensures the pace of work is not slowed down and that employees are equipped with retainable information that leads to insights for decision-making.

For example, Mindbreeze InSpire can identify if a particular customer is likely to purchase an item based on a positive association with that entity – a perfect example of information working for you.

These insights must be delivered to workers on devices and applications they use for work. This is where integration comes into the picture — receiving insights like the above on an application where work is already carried out reduces time and enhances productivity. These factors lead to the ultimate digital employee experience.

Integration is essential because employees get overloaded by information and their systems without it. Nobody wants digital clutter!

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