Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Bid Management?

Winning long-term contracts is crucial in stabilizing the cash flow of your business. However, winning anything doesn’t come easy, and there is a process involved. The good news is this process can be automated with Mindbreeze and the power of AI.

Before discovering how Mindbreeze can automate this process, it is essential to have a brief understanding of bid management and how it works.


Bid Management

The goal of bid management is to secure business relationships and contracts with vendors who can help complete projects related to your business.

On the bidder’s end, the process typically will begin with research into the project and company they are bidding to work with. Before going down the rest of the bidding process, a bid manager should ensure they have the resources to meet the demand. They should also be aware of the objectives and visions of the business. Being on top of these things early can help determine if the contract is worth bidding over.

A bid management team would have to complete pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) and invitations to tender (ITTs). The group or person responsible will also have an obligation to ensure compliance and timely submission and track the entire tender process.

Other steps in the process would include the preparation and submission of the bid. This part of the process highlights how you would be able to fulfill the organization’s needs. A bid writer must create your proposal in the highest quality so your company has the best chance to secure the contract.

Bid Automation and AI

As you can see, bid writing and the tender process require lots of effort, verification, time, and compliance. It would be best if you had loads of information from a wide variety of sources to put you in the best position to win a customer. This is where Mindbreeze steps in and helps take your bid management to the next level. We can ensure you have all the intelligence you need in a single application and streamline your path to success.


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