Digital Contract Management Powered by Knowledge Extraction

Digital Contract Management Powered by Knowledge Extraction

Knowledge extraction enables the creation of knowledge from both structured and unstructured data. New insights can be gained from linking extracted entities, allowing stakeholders to discover untapped company knowledge and potential.

A popular area where this function is used is in the space of contract management.

Through a video demonstration, Trey Norman, Senior Presales Engineer, at Mindbreeze will show how this is accomplished with Fabasoft Contracts. 

The power of Mindbreeze‘s Knowledge Extraction Insight Service is demonstrated well inside of Fabasoft Contracts – a tool for digital contract management in the cloud. With Mindbreeze integration, administrative tasks required for the management of multiple, overlapping contracts can be completely automated.

In the video we see a contract manager importing a new contract into the Fabasoft Cloud. Mindbreeze is able to extract key information from the contract and fills in the corresponding fields. Whether this be the company name, address, date information, or notice period, Mindbreeze automatically extracts all the relevant knowledge.

Additionally, new information is generated by Mindbreeze using our Knowledge Extraction Insight Service. Mindbreeze automatically identifies the contract type and classifies the contract accordingly.

Mindbreeze also enables the creation of custom dashboards using the extracted knowledge from all contracts within the system. For example, users can drill down into individual contract partners and see at a glance which contracts are active, an overview of contract cancellation notice periods, and a breakdown of all contract types identified by Mindbreeze.

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