Employee Enrollment: Reduce Your Onboarding Challenges

Employee Enrollment: Reduce Your Onboarding Challenges

The onboarding and enrollment process can be stressful for new employees and the HR team getting them up to speed – packet after packet, document after document, company policy after company policy. The information needed to get started goes on and on.

On top of HR documents, there are training materials for specific departments and roles for the new hire to digest and learn best practices. The processes are always slightly different even if you are coming from the same position at another company.

A sophisticated knowledge management solution can help with the onboarding challenges your company sees today. Even if you didn’t think you had onboarding challenges, intelligent solutions will make you realize you did, and everything can be done more efficiently.

Does Your New Hire have Questions about the Role?

Hands-on help is vital for new employees to create relationships and build trust with their managers or colleagues. We would never want to take those human experiences away. However, many questions don’t necessarily need interruption, and finding information yourself can actually end up being beneficial.  

With intelligent knowledge management solutions, like Mindbreeze InSpire, new hires can search for terms they need help with and receive 360-degree views of information in their workspace. Extracting keywords from internal documents, training videos, and communication via email and business messaging platforms generates a core knowledge base for the employee to access.

Value for HR Staff

Companies are rapidly changing, and their workforce is too – sometimes growing quickly. HR must be ready to onboard new people and have all their documentation ready and easy to reference – contracts, signed documents, private payroll information, and other personnel forms and files. Making information easily accessible and searchable can also give HR departments 360-degree views. In many situations, these 360-degree views will be geared towards new staff and ensuring all enrollment documentation is correct and up-to-date.

Explore your HR use case and ease the onboarding process today.