Happy Holidays from Mindbreeze

Happy Holidays from Mindbreeze

As the holidays and the new year are upon us, we wanted to take the time to thank everybody for their continued support!

Whether you are a customer, partner, employee, or just a visitor checking out the latest Mindbreeze news, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

We have compiled a list of holiday reads and hot topics so you can enter the new year up to speed and refreshed.

Mindbreeze InSpire automates the Bid Management process

The entire process of writing and submitting tenders is time-consuming. Mindbreeze InSpire supports you in this with applied AI. The intelligent solution learns from answered offers or tenders and uses the information available in your company to automate the bid management process.

Seamless integration into your workplace

Did you know that integrating Mindbreeze InSpire seamlessly into all kinds of applications and programs really is a breeze? We offer workplace integrations with various applications from Salesforce to ServiceNow to Microsoft Teams and many more.

7 Trends 2022: Increased resilience through increased knowledge

The upcoming year will focus on information and how it can be intelligently combined to gain new insights, improve processes, and take the customer experience to a new level.


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Happy Holidays!