Part Two – Proactive Information Management: Understanding Your Needs

Part Two – Proactive Information Management: Understanding Your Needs

As discussed in part one, Mindbreeze InSpire’s Proactive Insight Service allows users to categorize search results, create alerts, and optimize relevance with the help of machine learning – all possible with the seamless integration with your favorite business applications.

There are tons of functional areas and business units this service can apply to.

Whether you’re in finance and need alerts for transaction information or insights on patterns leading to negative cash flow.

Employees who deal with all sorts of business partnerships and alliances can gain critical insights into partners who may fit their criteria and are worth working with.

Workers who are involved in all areas of customer support can receive information related to customer feedback to help direct best business practices with current and future customers.

With Mindbreeze InSpire, Insight Apps are easily buildable by employees from all technical backgrounds – relevant to their department and information needs.

Insight Apps make the following possible for workforces around the globe:

  • Build 360-degree Insight Apps for functional areas with your data
  • Build context-driven Insight Apps
  • Build Insight Apps to search within search results
  • Distribute your Insight Apps across the whole organization
  • Build expanded views to show details of information objects
  • Integrate interactive search by scrolling over within previews (Interactive Exploded View)
  • Build guided navigation and filter information

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