Proactive Information Management: Understanding Your Needs

Proactive Information Management: Understanding Your Needs

Companies often struggle to grasp the information they can easily have at their disposal with the right knowledge management solution. Often, you see decisions being made that are not based on data and real-time analytics.

With Mindbreeze InSpire, lack of information will never be a problem again for your organization.

There are many features that allow companies to receive proactive information and truly understand their needs.

Check out an overview of our Proactive Insight Service for more details.

Categorizing Search Results

As seen in the image below, Mindbreeze can categorize search results, enabling users to visualize the results in separate search containers.

Proactive Information Dashboard


As you also see, Mindbreeze summarizes insights and groups the results by specific entities. In addition, Mindbreeze avoids duplicates and aggregates information from all data sources.

Creating Alerts

Creating alerts is also made possible by Mindbreeze InSpire. This means certain actions will trigger alerts and notifications to provide the user with further insights directly into their workflow, email, etc.

In addition, one can:

  • Build subqueries with search results
  • Build actions for information objects such as reservations

Optimizing Relevance with Machine Learning

Optimizing relevance is also essential to the Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine to ensure each functional area receives relevant results.

From a more technical perspective, this includes:

  • Boosting and burying information objects
  • Boosting and burying entities with metadata or zones
  • Boosting the values in entities with metadata or zones

It is important to note that this is fully integrated into your digital workplace. All one needs to do is build it once, and it is integrated everywhere.

Integrate Insight Apps with ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, and Salesforce.

Users can create embedded web experiences with the Mindbreeze browser extension and build autosuggest with entities or metadata.

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