Telemetry Functionalities: Personalize Your Mindbreeze InSpire Experience

Telemetry Functionalities: Personalize Your Mindbreeze InSpire Experience

Many technology solutions have their set interface, and that's the end of the story – or, at most, personalization can be done at a company-wide level. With Mindbreeze InSpire, customizations and personalization to the product are automatically delivered to enhance specific user experiences.

While administrators can still define high-level rules that guide personalization, the actual markers come from Mindbreeze InSpire's work in the background – the telemetry functionalities.

Telemetry Functionalities Explained

Telemetry functionalities allow a system to gather data relating to the use and performance of an application. Mindbreeze InSpire has telemetry functionalities resulting in end-to-end instrumentation and analytics from the use of our product. This collected information gets analyzed for patterns and then directly applied to the product's personalization – all done automatically and in the background.

Similar to how we evaluate and tune for relevancy, as discussed in a previous blog, Mindbreeze InSpire learns from user actions and behavior to deliver personalization. By understanding the user's behavior, intelligently adapting to their specific needs is simple. Just like with relevance tuning, not only is a single user interaction considered, but the system learns from groups of similar users.

Here are some examples:

  • Auto-tune the relevance for objects likely to be more beneficial to the user and bump them up to the top of search results
  • Filter values more likely to be valid are automatically prioritized
  • Actions used more often on particular objects are shown more prominently
  • Objects viewed more often default in a specific context

Telemetry functionalities and analytics from the actual use of the application is the ultimate goal for optimized personalization. With that said, Mindbreeze InSpire also gives customers the ability to bootstrap the personalization process by importing existing analytics data. Importing existing data can particularly be helpful when a company is just starting, and there hasn't been much product use quite yet. Users can also adjust their personalization preferences in their insight apps. Those setting adjustments will be accounted for during the continuous and automated personalization process.


Overall, we know how important personalization is to the user experience and success within a company. For that reason, we use automatic tools and give every user manual courses of action to make their insight app as customized as possible.

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