The Highlights of the Mindbreeze InSpire 24.1 Release

Check out the following blog post to learn more about the most important innovations of the Mindbreeze InSpire 24.1 release.


Google Cloud Marketplace 

Mindbreeze InSpire is now also available as a Google Cloud Image in the Google Cloud Marketplace. 
Mindbreeze customers can choose between the Mindbreeze InSpire 1M and Mindbreeze InSpire 10M contract levels and require one Mindbreeze license per instance.




Optimized sentence segmentation enables even clearer answers

Users receive answers to their queries in complete sentences with the help of large language models. This gives them direct and quick access to information. 
Thanks to optimized sentence segmentation, the LLM now takes certain layout information into account, including punctuation marks. The recognition of individual sentences is now even more reliable and the answers generated are even easier to understand.




Indexing of custom fields of "Issues" in Atlassian Jira

Users have the option of indexing user-defined property fields in "Issues" in Atlassian Jira. Mindbreeze InSpire displays these in the Search Client for filter and search restrictions. 
For example, if someone creates a custom field with the value "Sales" in Atlassian Jira, search results in the Search Client can be filtered by the value "Sales" and thus narrowed down more precisely.


You can find detailed information on our innovations and features in our release notes.

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