Trend #2: The Increase of Explainable AI and Adaptive AI

Trend #2: The Increase of Explainable AI and Adaptive AI

In our blog covering the “Five Trends 2023: The focus is on the sustainable use of information,” we discuss the importance of Explainable AI and Adaptive AI increasing in the coming year.

Trey Norman, COO of Mindbreeze, states:

“Many companies are recognizing the benefits of "artificial intelligence (AI),” as a recent IEEE survey of global tech leaders shares that 98 percent of survey respondents agree that in 2023 and beyond, AI-powered autonomous, collaborative software and mobile robots will automate processes and tasks, including data analysis, allowing humans to be more efficient and effective.

This is precisely where "Explainable AI" comes into the picture. Explainability of the decisions of AI applications ensures more trust in the systems and acceptance on the user side. At the same time, the concrete benefits of AI are coming to the forefront (Adaptive AI). Smart systems will be used in specific use cases and functional areas much more than before. It is important that they can adapt independently to changing situations and conditions.”

In short, Explainable AI allows users of machine learning and AI to understand and build trust with the output of their AI systems. Comprehension and explainable systems permit AI models' highest-level learning and performance accuracy.

In regards to Adaptive AI, the term is exactly how it sounds. The ability to adapt based on analysis and real-time data of user behavior is critical to making changes to your model. Whether this is sales data to give you insights on your bottom line and performance or marketing data to measure brand performance to alter strategies to increase awareness and effectiveness. The list goes on and on with how AI can adapt to fit different departmental needs resulting in informed decision-making.

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