Using Mindbreeze Insight Apps to Augment Your Data

Using Mindbreeze Insight Apps to Augment Your Data

In a previous post, we introduce data augmentation and its relation to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and real-world use cases. More specifically, in regards to performing maintenance on machinery and broken equipment.

Read the blog here: Knowledge Enhancement Through Augmentation of Information.

Mindbreeze Insight Apps

Mindbeeze Insight Apps shape and design the access to your company's information and customize it tailored to your needs. You can use Insight Apps to display and highlight important information without the user having to search for it, to create a special search mask that is ideal for an application or simply set up a query targeted toward people.

The possibilities are limitless. In fact, the possibilities are so limitless they extend to virtual reality (VR) and the Metaverse.

For example, one can use Mindbreeze Insight Apps to augment different objects and retrieve knowledge from them. A user can use VR glasses to look at a document and Mindbreeze will help annotate it by highlighting and extracting specific entities – a contact number, date, company name, or even the parts of an airplane.

The Buzz Around Data Augmentation

For more background on the augmentation buzz, Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO, shared the below excerpt in a previous blog post covering seven trends to look out for in 2022.

“The possibilities of augmented reality in the business sector go far beyond the classic data glasses. In principle, all digital entities can be enriched with additional information, whether it be the radiological image of a bone or the 3D model of a component - and this applies to a wide variety of output devices. Here, AI-based systems use methods such as machine and deep learning as well as speech recognition to ensure not only that the database required for augmentation is available, but also that the relevant information and content is provided proactively and in the right context.”

The Benefits Highlighted

There are many benefits to augmenting your data.

  1. Boosts accuracy and performance of machine learning (ML) models.
  2. Reduce operational costs by transforming datasets.
  3. Helps prevent data scarcity
  4. Directly decreases the time spent and cost of labeling data manually
  5. Lowers the cost of data collection as a whole
  6. Creates flexibility in your models

Can Mindbeeze Insight Apps help you augment your data? Contact us today and we’d be happy to walk you through the process. We make it as seamless as possible.