Open Platform and Open API

One Insight Engine – Unlimited Possibilities

Harness the full power of Mindbreeze InSpire.
Develop your own insight apps or integrate Mindbreeze’s capabilities into your own applications to create new leading-edge use cases.

Take your solution to the next level

Mindbreeze InSpire is much more than an innovative product with a multitude of functions that you can use end-to-end right out of the box. Open interfaces and standards enable a diverse range of configuration options. Based on current advanced technologies, specific adjustments can be carried out swiftly to address your unique needs.

Do you have requirements that can’t be covered entirely with our out-of-the-box product?
Use our extension points to extend Mindbreeze InSpire to suit your preferences.

Extension Points


Whether on-prem, cloud or a combination – Mindbreeze InSpire’s versatile implementation options won’t put a cap on what you want to achieve. All options feature the same exceptional functionality and can be fully customized to match your specific needs.

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Are you searching for a dependable partner who can fulfill your customers’ specific needs in the best possible way?

Are your customers juggling an endless array of data sources while sitting on a mountain of disparate information? That makes having a clear overview virtually impossible.

Mindbreeze InSpire is the right solution for you and your customers.

Thanks to an open platform, open interfaces, and open standards, Mindbreeze InSpire offers you and your customers the ideal foundation, even if you are working with specially developed in-house applications and data sources.


Independent Software Vendor

Are you an independent software vendor in need of an innovative AI-based search solution for your specific applications?

If so, Mindbreeze InSpire is the perfect solution for you.

Value Added Reseller

As a vendor you want to provide your customers with a comprehensive and intelligent knowledge management solution for their specific data sources.

If so, Mindbreeze InSpire is the perfect solution for you.

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