Updating Organizational Charts in Real-Time with Mindbreeze

Updating Organizational Charts in Real-Time with Mindbreeze

Organizational charts are constantly changing. People leave companies for a variety of reasons, and we all know that's unfortunately how it goes sometimes. In addition to company departures, it may be difficult to pinpoint precisely who does what in a big company, and one may not know where to turn when they need something specific.

In large enterprises, it is not so simple to stay in the loop about these personnel changes and know the responsibilities that belong to every employee within an organization.

In customer service, customers are frequently transferred to different departments. This should never be the case internally, and with our clients, it isn't.

Mindbreeze has been working on a unique use case with numerous clients that update organizational charts in real-time using only the manager's data.

This may sound like a handful, but the technology is not so different from using Mindbreeze InSpire in the more classic sense to find relationships and semantic meaning between two entities.


Technically Speaking, How Does it Work?

In one instance, a company's "person search" feature allows their workforce to search through all their employees using the information provided by the Microsoft Graph API (Application Programming Interface).

Using the "manager" data provided by the Graph API, we can set up a reference between employees and their managers.

Mindbreeze can then use our inverse reference function to build a reference to all their employees and direct reports.

The cool thing about this use is that the only metadata Mindbreeze needs from the client is the manager information. The rest is all built by us!


The Outcome and Feedback from our Clients

Now, using the manager data provided by the graph API and the direct report data we create, Mindbreeze can build the full organizational chart.

The client can then use it to navigate their organization to:

  • Find someone's boss
  • Find someone's subordinates
  • Map a whole department
  • Discover the point of contact for specific tasks within an organization

Secretaries, HR departments, and anyone involved with finding people on a daily basis have given us fantastic feedback on this use.


Need more details on how it works, or are you anxious to get this set up for your organization? Contact the Mindbreeze experts, and they'd be happy to meet!