Using Holistic Views to Enhance Customer Service and Experience

Using Holistic Views to Enhance Customer Service and Experience

We recently shared a podcast interview of our Founder and CEO, Daniel Fallmann, discussing this topic on Amazing Business Radio.

This blog digs a little deeper on the subject and highlights the benefits of having holistic views on customer service professionals and the customers themselves.

Expectations of Customer Support Today

We live in a world where everybody would like their questions and needs taken care of right away. This mindset causes added stress to customer service representatives as customers pile them with support tickets, dials, and chat messages.

The positive news, the stress, and support ticket buildup can be avoided. All you need to do is equip your customer support teams with the correct tools and technology.

Holistic View Defined

In short, a holistic view of a customer is a complete picture of them that takes every single interaction and experience into account. From email communication to phone calls to account information to support history, connecting data from every touchpoint gives teams a 360-degree holistic view of who their customer is.

Being equipped with technology, such as an AI-driven insight engine that can give you this knowledge in a single location, has an exponential impact on your enterprise’s customer service success.  And, successful customer service directly impacts the positivity of one’s customer experience.

Anticipation of Customer Needs

Customer engagement is a continuous process, and having artificial intelligence on your side helps smooth the process for both parties.

Artificial intelligence helps businesses anticipate customer needs by looking at the patterns associated with the customers and customers like them. The ability to anticipate these issues means that customer support teams have time to produce solutions before the potential problem hits their desk. On top of this, companies can use this knowledge to eliminate tickets coming to them altogether. For example, companies can take action with help blogs, tutorials, FAQs, and automated responses. The only thing they need is the intelligence to know what’s coming. Mindbreeze InSpire provides that intelligence. 

Pre-defined solutions lead to quicker resolutions. Quicker resolutions lead to happier customers.

How can you utilize holistic views to enhance the efficiency of your customer service and strengthen the customer experience? Contact us today!