Boosting customer service in the B2C sector with Mindbreeze InSpire

Greater customer satisfaction through intelligent information processing

In times marked by the consumers’ strong willingness to switch brands, offering first-class products and services is no longer enough to guarantee sustainable customer loyalty to the company. Particularly in highly competitive markets, customer satisfaction is considered to be a crucial differentiator. 

Providing flexible, competent – and above all – “intelligent” customer service is essential if a business wants to be successful in the long term. To achieve this, a comprehensive overview of all information that exists in the company is imperative. 


The company has a multi-level service process for customer care, ranging from self-service to a ticketing system, call center agents, and experts to handle technical questions.

To streamline each of these levels and significantly increase customer satisfaction while also minimizing the cost to the business, the company integrated Mindbreeze InSpire.



Mindbreeze InSpire is capable of optimizing information provision across the entire organization. Depending on the level in the customer service process, Mindbreeze InSpire incorporates various data sources into the search. In addition to the self-service help forums, FAQs, and website content, Mindbreeze indexes all company data sources (Salesforce, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, SAP, specialized applications, archives, databases, etc.) in subsequent levels. 

Artificial intelligence is applied to semantically analyze the available data for the relevant use cases, extract information with the corresponding meaning, and then provide it to the users. 


A successful trial paved the way for an enterprise-wide rollout launched by the Mindbreeze team and the in-house IT department. The company opted for the hybrid implementation option. 

All the data managed in the cloud can be indexed directly from the cloud solution, and the existing on-premises data is indexed from the appliance integrated in the company’s data center. 

Target Achievement

Thanks to Mindbreeze InSpire, both traditional website search and the chatbot solution were optimized, significantly reducing the number of incoming inquiries through the ticketing system and the call center. Mindbreeze InSpire is also used to assist the call center agents and the support staff. The increased quality of answers to customer inquiries means that more problems can be solved at an early stage. This translates into increased FFV and throughput rates and makes it possible to handle more inquiries per hour.

Mindbreeze InSpire also enables fast and efficient call forwarding to the right specialist using automated routing based on predictive analytics and machine learning. The specialist can then handle the inquiry knowledgeably and efficiently thanks to the 360-degree view of the customer, the issue at hand, and previous inquiries.


  • 50,000 employees
  • More than 200 different data sources
  • Roughly two million different documents
  • A 25% reduction in incoming tickets
  • A 30% drop in the number of incoming calls
  • Reduced average response time