Mindbreeze Finds and Extracts Relevant Content

Mindbreeze Finds and Extracts Relevant Content

ChatGPT has started a worldwide buzz around generative AI, a type of AI technology that Mindbreeze has been using in our product for many years.

Not only does Mindbreeze InSpire generate new content based on company datasets, but its primary focus is to help employees within large enterprises search and find information in the most personalized way – directly related to their tasks and role.

In addition to generating content based on business needs directly from the company and other necessary databases, Mindbreeze makes searching and finding more straightforward.

For certain use cases like Mindbreeze Bid Management, generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) are vital in creating answers for lengthy RFPs and sales documents.

Workers who need specific knowledge on different entities like a customer, contract, or product can search these terms in Mindbreeze InSpire. Mindbreeze insight services utilize AI techniques to deliver relevant information to the employee's workflow. Rather than searching the entire internet, Mindbreeze searches applicable files and documents.

Knowledge Extraction

Knowledge extraction is critical to this operation.

Mindbreeze's Knowledge Extraction Service focuses on the semantic meaning behind the information in your documents. So-called pre-defined models provide the basis for this.

The Knowledge Extraction Service allows critical information and its meaning to be extracted and linked to previously labeled data. New insights are gained that enable stakeholders to discover untapped business knowledge and potential.

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