Trend #3: Intelligent Information Processing

Trend #3: Intelligent Information Processing

Recently, Mindbreeze published an in-depth blog covering the “Five Trends 2023: The focus is on the sustainable use of information,”. This piece provides insight into our upcoming trend predictions for 2023. The full whitepaper is also available to download in the mentioned blog above.

One significant trend we see happening in 2023 is a drastic change from intelligent document processing to intelligent information processing.

Trey Norman, COO of Mindbreeze, summarizes:

“Next-generation intelligent document processing is even more focused than before on the information available in documents – whether it be personal names or order numbers in texts.

These solutions use AI, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and other technologies to extract information from unstructured sources such as written documents or images, categorize it, and assign it to the relevant departments using automated workflows.”

So, what does this necessarily mean for companies and their employees?

Rather than solely extracting nuggets of information from documents and other files (order numbers, company names, contact details, people, addresses, etc.), specialized artificial techniques can enhance this process and generate 360-degree views of intelligence surrounding the topic.

Doing so allows workers to receive full knowledge directly in their workflow with context and where they need it. Extraction is essential, but getting the most details out of extracted information is even more essential. Solutions with intelligent information processing lead to a well-informed and more efficient workforce in all functional areas.

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