Using Mindbreeze InSpire Across Functional Areas: Part Three

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In part one and part two, we covered the function areas: customer service, legal, maintenance, and finance.

Believe it or not, there are plenty more functional areas and departments Mindbreeze InSpire assists Fortune 500 companies with for their information insight needs.

This blog will cover human resources management and R&D (research and development).

So, let’s get started!

Human Resources Management – Companies are rapidly changing, and their workforce is too. In this day in age, you see many people going from job to job – meaning HR needs to be ready to onboard new people more than usual. Onboarding and the rapid change in who makes up a company requires vetting new skill sets and increasing the knowledge necessary to help new employees succeed in their new roles.

Our human resources webpage states,

“Employees are switching from one industry to another, often bringing experience from quite disparate fields into the new company. Frequently, it is exactly this kind of technical and detailed knowledge that makes a major contribution to a company’s success.

Rapid change makes getting and keeping an overview of the existing knowledge held by the entire workforce more difficult, yet it remains a decisive competitive factor. Intelligent solutions can match requirements with existing skills to help you locate the right person for the job in no time.”

Mindbreeze InSpire supports the HR department by:

  • Searching for subject matter experts
  • Optimizing entire procedures and processes within the company
  • Boosting the productivity of the HR department
  • Planning the available resources

Research and Development – “Innovation is regarded as the key to growth and employment at all levels of society and the economy.”

Data plays a major role for R&D teams to capitalize on customer information, topic specialists and experts, product markets, competing companies, and industry news. With the amount of data accumulated from unstructured and structured data sources, companies need targeted information and proactive insights to ensure company growth and drive innovation.

For R&D departments, Mindbreeze InSpire delivers:

  • A faster market launch for innovative products and services
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Minimized product development costs
  • Optimized knowledge flow in the company
  • Streamlined use and management of existing resources
  • More efficient and flexible analysis of trends, markets, and competitors – knowing more than the competition
  • Increased corporate value

Are you interested in exploring more functional areas where Mindbreeze InSpire drives company success?

Read more about them.

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